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Culinary classes, lifeskills training and counselling services to nourish body, mind and soul™.

Fanjoy Culinary + Wellness Centre™ is a social enterprise dedicated to improving the physical, emotional & mental health of youth, families and our community.

Our innovative Fanjoy Junior Chef™ programs and counselling services are revolutionizing how we deliver mental health services and lifeskills training in our communities. Our Fanjoy Gourmet-to-Go™ fully prepared meals make healthy eating easy and help support our one-of-a-kind programming.

Junior Chef Culinary Classes

Healthy lives begin with healthy food and knowing how to prepare that food. We offer three streams of programming to support this ideal: Culinary Fundamentals, Culinary & Life Skills and Rainbow Culinary Connections.

Our Culinary programs support young adults attending college or university, youth who want to enter the restaurant industry for employment or post-secondary education.

Life Skills & Rainbow Connections also aim to enhance physical and mental health for those at risk of depression, anxiety or other mental health concerns, have learning exceptions, ADD/ADHD or high-functioning Autism, identify as LGBTQ2S+ or Non-binary, are ‘Out’ or on a journey of self-exploration.

More than just a cooking class for your teen

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Culinary Fundamentals

Helping teens find a place where they truly belong

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Culinary + Life Skills

Culinary and life skills pod for LGBTQ2S+ youth

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Rainbow Connections

Gourmet-to-Go Prepared Meals

Chef Pam Fanjoy’s fully-prepared, delicious and healthy Gourmet-to-Go frozen meals are crafted in-house sourcing the best of local ingredients from partnering farmers. Meals are freshly made, then frozen and are available to order online with the option of pick-up or home delivery.

As we launch our Fanjoy Culinary & Wellness Centre™ our delivery schedule will evolve. A weekly hot meal feature will be available with pre-orders for pick up at 10 Carden in downtown Guelph on Saturdays. Curbside pick-up remains available in Hillsburgh Thursdays from 4-6pm.  Please reserve your time by calling 519 217 1445.

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Counselling Services

Our dedicated team of therapists at Fanjoy Culinary & Wellness Centre™ specialize in working with individual adults, parents and youth experiencing a wide variety of issues including separation/divorce, LGBTQ2S+ and coming out issues, anxiety, depression, ADHD, school problems or other mental health challenges. 

Our experienced counsellors work with you to create a custom plan by fitting our approach to the real life concerns you bring to the table. This fall, in-person sessions to those fully vaccinated are available at 10 Carden in Guelph and at our new Surrey Street Centre.  Secure and convenient online appointments are also available for those across Ontario.

Educational and
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For families, youth and individuals