Connection, Commitment, Community

We are a team of socially conscious, service oriented hospitality, healthcare and creative professionals who understand the real power that food, physical activity and creative expression can have on your overall well being

Through food, mentorship and innovative culinary counselling, Fan/Joy improves the health, wellbeing and resilience of individuals, families and communities.

This is not an ordinary place to work whether you join us a a hospitality professional or a health & wellness advocate so #buckleup if you want the job of your lifetime where you can be yourself, achieve a work/life balance that puts your own health at the vortex of your work path and are committed wholeheartedly to changing the world, one plate at a time. 

Working at Fan/Joy

At Fan/Joy, our commitment to excellence in service, creating delicious farm to table meals that feed our unique sustainable circular food economy developed this fall as part of our commitment to Our Food Futures and the UN delivering on the world’s SDG’s and to revolutionizing how mental health services are delivered to youth 14-29 including their families, will take you on a rich journey of personal and professional GROWTH.   Our team works hard, is professional and thrives on attention to detail. We are always looking to hire the right staff, rather than simply hiring for an available position. Working at Fan/Joy means you don’t always have to ‘be right,’ you simply have to want to ‘get it right.’ (Brene Brown, Dare to Lead, 2018)

Earn a Living Wage at Fan/Joy

As part of our commitment to building better communities while supporting the food services & mental health industry, Fan/Joy is a certified Ontario Living Wage employer. We care about our people and believe in investing in the wellness and future of our employees and our community.

Join an inclusive workplace

Fan/Joy is committed to be a non-biased, discrimination free workplace which celebrates all employees regardless of race, gender expression, gender identity, and sexual orientation. We strive to create a safe, inclusive workspace which realizes the full potential of all our employees, customers and our Junior Chef families.