Facilitating conversations…

in the kitchen and around the table with delicious food and the incredible, healing power of community

I envision a world where individuals feed connection and reach their full potential by learning how to live more healthy, sustainable and joyful lives.

– Chef Pam Fanjoy, MSW, RSW

Chef Pam’s Fanjoy Junior Chef'” culinary and counselling programs use a milieu therapy approach to care for youth & families when and where they need help the most.   Pam has been helping families create the change that they want in their lives for the past 30 years as a Child, Adolescent & Family Therapist.  Now, also an award winning chef, she is combining her talents to provide national thought leadership around the intersectionality of childhood food insecurity, mental health and future well-being.   Fanjoy has launched a Culinary + Wellness Centre in Guelph this fall and is preparing to launch Fanjoy Cooking up Change, a new not-for-profit agency supported with a portion of the profits from her Gourmet-to-Go'” fully prepared meals to ensure that all youth have access to our culinary programs.

Chef Pam Fanjoy, MSW, RSW

Building on a highly successful career as a clinical social worker, Chef Pam Fanjoy continues to help people and communities by whisking in her culinary passion with her 30+ years of clinical experience working with youth and their families. Pam is committed to transforming the way that mental health services are delivered, responding to the unique needs of transitional aged youth (15-29 years of age) and their families using a wrap around approach that leads youth into the kitchen to tackle life’s problems while they learn to cook up change that will last a lifetime.

Fanjoy’s Culinary Counselling™ focuses on the 3 C’s – communication, collaboration, and cooperation – teaching youth in a deliciously approachable way in any kitchen to heal trauma responses, strengthen interpersonal relationships, and increase creative problem-solving that heals body, mind and soul. Pam is a leader in her community and also working on the world’s ‘to do list’ with a personal lifetime mission to address the interconnectivity of food insecurity (‘hunger’), mental health, stable employment and affordable housing to help youth launch into independence with greater success.

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Feeding Connection™

The Healing Power of Cooking, Community & Milieu Therapy

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Cooking Up Change™

Mental Health for Food Entrepreneurs & Workplaces

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A Seat at the Table

Journey from Childhood Hunger to Chopped Canada™ Champion & Food Network™ Celebrity Chef

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Pam’s philosophy – I am a connector.

I believe that when we teach people, especially youth, how to use food to connect authentically with others, to build a circle of chosen community around themselves and to live their best lives, we can actually circumvent future hardships and suffering. We can create a life of JOY that is enhanced by strong, healthy friendships, loving families and healthy work lives that allow us to prioritize what really matters. That is why it is my personal mission to bring healing to people by facilitating conversations in the kitchen and around the table so that you can enjoy delicious food and the incredible, healing power of community.

A truly seasoned competitor.

Chef Pam – Fast Facts

SheEO Canadian Venture 2021
Vital Voices GROW Global Women’s Entrepreneurship Fellow 2021
BMO Celebrating Canadian Women Grant Recipient 2020
Rhyze Ventures Social Enterprise WINNER 2020

Firemasters International Competitor, Food Network, 3rd place, 2020

Carnival Eats, Food Network, Featured Chef, 2018

Rhyze Awards for Women Entrepreneurs WINNER 2018
Headwaters Best of Tourism Events, Culinary Classes 2017
Chopped Canada Champion, Food Network 2016
Vicki Chan Award for High Achievement, GBC 2013
YMCA Women of Distinction Culinary Award, 2nd place 2013
Featured Chef • Bethany’s Hope Foundation, London 2016-2019
Featured Chef • 2013-2019 PEI’S Village Feast with Chef Michael Smith
Guest Chef • National Veterans Memorial Dinner 2016 with Chef Matt Pennell

Culinary Management, Honors • Dec 2013 • George Brown College
Master Of Social Work • April 2000 • Wilfrid Laurier University
Bachelor Of Social Work • April 1995 • York University
Bachelor Of Arts Hons • April 1993 • Wilfrid Laurier University