Cooking up change… one plate at a time™

Fanjoy Cooking Up Change™ is a not-for-profit that uses food, interactive cooking classes and innovative counselling programs to improve the mental and physical health of individuals, youth and families across the lifespan. 

Teaching life skills that will last a lifetime, we nourish new friendships and strengthening relationships one plate at a time aiming to reduce the negative impact of social isolation on mental health, create more joy and strengthen our communities. 


Hours of Culinary Education Provided to 274 youth

We Are About





Having Fun and

Being Courageous


Plates Served
to Families & the “Hidden hungry”

Our Commitment to Change

We believe in the power of community and in the importance of giving back. We are committed to helping to educate others while sharing our journey and growth with our community. We are a strong advocate of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and are committed to report our progresses in solving tomorrow’s world problems.

Fanjoy’s focus for 2022 in support of the United Nations SDGs are:


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“A Look back at 2021”
Chef Pam reflects on the past year

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