Counselling Services

 Individual adult, teen, family & group counselling.

Creating joy and building healthier relationships.

  Counselling can help you create the life that you want, adjust to life transitions and develop new strategies to build more satisfying relationships. We offer a range of counselling services, including online sessions across Canada.  With zoom, we are pleased that borders are no longer a barrier to finding the help that you need. 

Counselling Services

Pam Fanjoy, MSW, RSW has 30 years of clinical experience working with children, adolescents and families.  She is best known for her approachable style, trauma informed work with adults and helping transitional age youth (14–29 years of age) and their parents find creative solutions to everyday problems so that they can live more joyful lives.  Pam specializes in the treatment of adolescent depression, anxiety, ADHD, Autism, eating disorders, and learning exceptions.  Pam is a gay therapist that helps many teens and young adults dealing with Coming Out, gender expression and/or identity issues and helping parents manage the same. 

Pam’s individual adult counselling is offered to women of all ages Coming Out, those looking to create stronger relationships, and for people wanting to develop new ways of addressing life transitions, including divorce, and work challenges.  Pam practiced Collaborative Law for ten years as a Child Specialist and mediating complex parenting plans, and co-founded the first interdisciplinary Collaborative Law Centre in Ontario in 2006.  Working with blended families, over time, Pam understands that life doesn’t always roll out the way we expect and that having a counsellor that you can return to over time, helps. 

For teens who aren’t sure about counselling, Pam’s creative use of milieu therapy has lead to her innovative Fanjoy Junior Chef™ Programs where we combine interactive, fun and delicious cooking sessions with helpful, therapeutic conversations that allow teens to build confidence, move their lives forward and learn how to manage stress. Fanjoy’s Junior Chef programs add an alternative option for teens who may not want to come to traditional talk therapy session. As both a clinical therapist and a chef, Pam brings teens and young adults into our commercial restaurant kitchen where they can learn valuable culinary skills, make new friends and receive guidance, mentorship and practical strategies that work to address the life challenges that they are facing.


Individual Counselling

Get support from our team of Counsellors through our different offerings, from adult counselling, 30min Youth Booster Sessions Online to One on One Life Skills Junior Chef Sessions.

Family Counselling

Family therapy is an approach that includes all family members whenever possible,  although not necessarily in the same session at the same time.  in the process of counselling. 

Education & Support

These groups are aimed at providing support to families, parents, adults and children who are experiencing stressful episodes in their lives.

Fanjoy Junior Chef

The perfect solution for youth who are hesitant to try counselling, want to make some new friends and also gain valuable skills along the way. This is NOT your ordinary cooking class!

Education & Support Groups

Supporting Families, Youths and Individuals

*Individual Counselling, Parent Educational and Support Groups and our Girls CONNECT groups are currently taking place on ZOOM. We hope to resume small in person groups in spring of 2023. Click below for more information about our services.

Fee: $395 for 8 weeks + HST

Minimum of 4 participants required

New clients accepted monthly.

Empower: AN online Parent Support Group

Jan-April 2023

An parent support group for parents raising young adults


Brené Brown said “Authenticity is a collection of choices that we have to make every day. It’s about the choice to show up and be real. The choice to be honest. The choice to let our true selves be seen.”

Parenting requires us to show up everyday, but we are often told by society what being a ‘good’ parent should look like instead of receiving help to show up courageously in our relationships with our growing teens in a way that is authentic and easier to manage over time!  In this 8 week parent support group, your group facilitator Pam Fanjoy, MSW, RSW will begin by presenting a weekly topic related to adolescent development, then facilitate your collective discussions with the goal of helping you to connect more easily with your teen, authentically. 

You will co-create a supportive community of parents of transitional aged youth (14-21 years of age) who are trying their best to ‘figure it out’ as they go along during these challenging times. So join us to create a recipe that works in your unique family situation but is grounded in evidence based research and experience about healthy adolescent development.