Family Counselling

What is Family Therapy and how is Fanjoy different?

Family therapy is an approach that includes all family members whenever possible in the process of counselling.  It reflects our belief that if a child or teen is experiencing struggles, it will naturally also cause stress to those in their family that love them.  We often see youth referred for counselling by their parents that have problems with anxiety, depression, peers, school or learning exceptions, eating disorders, bullying, Autism or even more serious mental health issues emerging during adolescence.  Likewise if parents are struggling with real problems with their finances, work, separation/divorce, illness or aging parents, children will be impacted and struggle more to cope themselves.  Add into that equation the very real challenges of COVID in our day to day lives with working from home, isolation and remote learning and it’s no wonder that families are stressed.   We can help and by including the whole family in counselling, especially for youth, those who care the most about them can also support their goals to ensure greater success, faster.

Family Matters Culinary Session

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