Innovative Junior Chef Culinary Programs

Culinary classes, therapeutic programs & life skills training to nourish body, mind and soul™.

Junior Chef Culinary programs are cooking up change that lasts a lifetime for youth and their families.


Fanjoy’s Junior Chef programming provides youth, age 12-20 years of age, with innovative cooking classes and therapeutic programs that build confidence, increase social connection and teach healthy life skills for optimal mental health.   When youth feel that they belong and can feed their body, mind and soul, they will thrive and reach their potential.  Let’s connect and cook together.

“Junior Chef is more than just a program. You become part of the Fanjoy Family once you’ve taken the fundamentals.”

Hear what our Junior Chefs and their families have to say about our programs…

 Cooking for teens & young adults preparing for independence

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Helping teens & young adults with mental health & Autism

Learn more about helping teens & young adults

Culinary and life skills classes for LGBTQ2S+ non binary youth 

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Rainbow Connections

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AGES: 12–20 years old
Smaller class sizes

Fanjoy Junior Chef™ Culinary CLASSICS + Life Skills Teen Program with Chef Pam Fanjoy

Guelph Culinary Studio 

Winter PROGRAMS 2023  

Helping teens with autism, mental health challenges or special needs to cope with life’s challenges and find a place where they truly belong while learning to COOK like a rockstar – a skill that will last a lifetime…

These small therapeutic culinary classes run by Chef Pam Fanjoy and Cai, our Youth Counsellor, are geared towards helping youth learn to cook and also cope with life’s more complex challenges including anxiety, depression, family illness or loss, trauma, Autism, ADHD, learning challenges, separation & divorce or eating disorders.  With 30 years of social work experience as an adolescent and family therapist before becoming a chef, Pam has developed a unique way of using milieu approaches in these innovative 2-hour culinary classes where teens disconnect from their screens, take a break from parents, and make new friends all while learning how to cook up their favourite dishes!  Talking about real life problems is easier in the kitchen and learning how to solve complex problems can be natural when you find a place that you belong and can lean in to a new kind of community.  We meet teens where they’re at, help them to communicate, support one another and build positive, strong connections with peers over time.  Parents must apply for their teen to join this program by beginning with a FREE 20 min Discovery Call so we can determine how we can best meet your teen’s needs.

FEES:  $695 + HST ($175/session including take home food) for 4 weekly, 1.5 hour cooking classes with 2 portions of what we have made to take home each week. Payment plans are available and these programs may be covered under your Passport funding or private health care benefits.  A one time, initial 20-30 min FREE Discovery Call  with parent/s is required as a prerequisite to join this program. This call is intended so that we can learn more about your teen and together, choose the best class for their needs.

DATES: Culinary Classics & Life Skills students will attend Sundays 1-3 pm beginning in January 2023 as we renovate our Hillsburgh studio this fall.  In the meantime, one-on-one programs will be available with Cai in Hillsburgh and Chef Pam in Guelph.  Your teen may also benefit from being paired with one of our volunteer mentors so they can work at their own level and pace during these classes.

Note: we are not booking any more Discovery Calls in 2022. Please check for updates in the new year.

AGES: 14–18 years old

Rainbow Connections

We are currently looking for either a corporate sponsor or Not for Profit funding that will allow us to resume & continue offering our in person programs for LGBTQ2S+ youth this fall. These culinary programs are always made available for select partnering agencies to book privately.  Stay tune for upcoming dates in Guelph and/or Hillsburgh

Culinary and life skills pod for LGBTQ2S+ and NON-BINARY teens

Finding a safe place where you belong is not only important, but critical for our physical health and mental wellbeing. This program is  offered exclusively for youth identifying as gay, lesbian, non binary, trans or anywhere on the LGBTQ spectrum. Gathering together to learn the basics of cooking up healthy food, budgeting, creative plating and our 3 C’s— Communication, Collaboration and Cooperation, teens will find delicious new ways to feed healthy connections and accept themselves AS IS.

FEES: $145 + HST per week with a 4 week commitment but you can start anytime

*Ask about our custom agency youth drop in plans that are available for select Fanjoy Not for Profit or Charitable Partners working within the field of youth mental health, or committed to preventing youth food insecurity and/or homelessness.

You will need to purchase our Junior Chef Starter Kit which includes a t-shirt, hat & wooden spoon.

INCLUDES: 1.5 hr weekly cooking class and 2 individual portions of your culinary creations to take home.

 – please contact for further information if interested.

AGES: 11–19 years old

ONLINE Family Matters Culinary CLASSES

for teens & Parents 

8 Week ONLINE WINTER 2023 Cooking course  

Looking for more than just an ordinary cooking class ?  Start anytime as these classes will begin in January and carry on through to the end of April.  Available worldwide!   

Not only will your teen learn to cook a variety of seasonal dishes using locally-sourced ingredients in our 1.5 hour weekly class but now parents can join in as a ‘sous chef’ and learn a few things yourself!  Time spent together in the kitchen strengthens relationships

On Tuesdays 4-5:30pm, our online Fundamentals cooking class will focus on learning the  fundamentals of knife skills, using heat to create flavour, wet & dry cooking techniques, basic sauce making and how to use what is at hand in the kitchen to reduce food waste.  Above all, teens will build confidence, make new friends and experience how food brings us together while improving both our physical & mental health. 

In this new rotating 8 week course you can now START ANYTIME and run for the 8 week cycle of classes until you’ve taken them all!  Menus will focus on using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients and developing the skill of cooking without needing to even have a recipe.  Spring menus include Thai Cashew Chicken Stir Fry, Canadian Shepherd’s Pie, Mac & Cheese, Mexican Fajitas, Pot Pies, Chicken Penne Alfredo, Chicken Slauvaki with Lemon Rice and a variety of Quiche.   Please note:  Substitutions during COVID may occur due to ongoing supply chain and delivery issues that we are unable to control.    

AGES: 14–19 years old

Junior Chef Culinary March Break Training for Teens: Plating up a Sustainable Food Future

Is your teen a chef in the making? Are they looking for adventure in the kitchen and to develop their cooking skills, serious about taking some culinary training so they can land that first job this summer or simply wanting to get out and make some new friends with common interests?

Monday March 14 to Friday, March 18th, 2022

Half or Full Day programs available – 9:00am-2:00pm and/or 11:00am-4:00pm, plus 9:00am-4:00pm*.
*11:00am-1:00pm all youth will cook and enjoy lunch together and then experience our Fireside Chef’s Chat that will focus on teaching youth about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, food insecurity, eliminating food waste and food’s impact on climate change from 1:00-2:00pm each day. Morning sessions will focus on baking & afternoons on cooking.


3 hours + of daily technical culinary instruction from Chef Pam along with life skills coaching that focuses on building confidence, developing problem-solving skills, enhancing communication skills and developing self-care strategies while working in the kitchen

Tastings, snacks & lunch, daily

Fanjoy Junior Chef cookbook with recipes and step-by-step instructions

Daily Fireside Chef Chats after lunch featuring guest speakers, videos and highlights that will focus on teaching youth about sustainability, real life challenges and opportunities for kitchen careers, addressing food waste, the myth of ‘best before dates’ & evaluating the impact of farming and food choices on our environment

Fanjoy’s Chopped Junior Chef Competition at lunchtime on Friday

FEES: morning (14-19 year olds) OR afternoon sessions (15-19 year olds): $575.00 + HST. Full Days for 15 year olds + only: $875 + HST

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