Junior Chef FAQ

We are here to answer all your Junior Chef related questions

For Students

What if I have never cooked before?

No problem! We teach teens of all skill levels. You will learn a wide variety of cooking skills. Want to learn how to cook Macaroni and cheese? You can do that? Fluffy pancakes with peaches? You can do that!

Will there be other people my age there?

There can be. We offer many classes. Some are individuals and some are with other students. With other students, you have a chance to make new friends. Otherwise, you can learn one-on-one with Chopped Canada Winner; Chef Pam Fanjoy!

Will i get to choose what we cook?

Unfortunately no. We choose the meal so we can use what’s currently in season to maximize freshness and give back to our local community. Something we’ll teach you while you’re with us.

For Parents

how do i know if my child is eligable?

Currently, Junior Chef only accepts students aged 11-21 who have been diagnosed with Depression, Anxiety, Aspergers, Autism, ADD/ADHD, behavioral problems, Learning Difficulties, LGBTQ+, and eating disorders.

how do i know if my child is not eligible?

We do not accept students who are hyperactive-impulsive and oppositional defiant youth because this program takes place in a real commercial kitchen and safety is paramount.

Are these sessions covered by OHIP?

No, but they are covered by most extended health care benefit plans. Pam is a Registered Social Workers (Reg #800955) as are her staff. It is the responsibility of the parent to determine with their provider what their coverage entitles them to and we do not do direct submissions of billings for your reimbursement. We will give you a receipt that you will submit to your supplier.

Does my child need to bring anything?

Nope! We provide everything, aprons, hats, all the tools they’ll need to cook. All they need to bring is a positive and open attitude!

Do you have a sliding scale or reduced fees if I cannot afford the cost?

Yes! We offer a limited number of sponsorships for youth whose families need some help with fees. If you qualify, you will be working with social work and other interns that are currently studying under Chef Pam and receiving supervision regularity. 

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